Super Panel Terms and Conditions

Updated 12 April 2022

Privacy Act 2020 Consent:

I consent to and acknowledge that:

1. “Transactional Data” includes details of payment amount, date/time and merchant recorded through my payment card(s) registered with Perceptive.

2. The Transactional Data together with my Personal Information will be collected, held, used and disclosed for or in connection to better understand consumer spending behaviour by Perceptive, Worldline and its merchant customers.

3. Perceptive may share the Transactional Data and aggregated data (non-identifiable personal data) with Worldline and third parties including its merchant customers.

4. Perceptive will use a unique identifier to my Transactional Data and share such unique identifier with Worldline.

5. The Transactional Data and Personal Information will be held by Perceptive and/or by its trusted data centres in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020.

6. The Transactional Data and Personal Information shall be held and used for as long as Perceptive deems necessary for statistical and research purposes.

7. I understand that any personal information provided to Perceptive and/or Worldline at any time, whether in writing, by telephone, electronically or any other means, may be used by Perceptive and Worldline in accordance with the terms of this consent and that it may be disclosed to our service providers or other third parties to enable them to provide services.  I accept and acknowledge Perceptive’s privacy policy available and Worldline’s privacy policy available at as updated from time to time.